Sukholuche – is a popular name for Dnieper-Teterev Reserve, which is 60 km. north of Kiev. Until 2014 y.. here were two hunting residences (the name of their owner you know for sure) here in the areas called ”Ostrov” and “Acacia”: those included hunting fortresses, aviaries with wild animals, helipads, piers with hangars, motor boats and yachts.

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The reserve itself – is almost37,9 thousand. hectaresAbout half of the area is covered by forests, meadows, the territory is rich in swamps and lakes. This place also has a rich resource of wildlife including – moose, deer,  кабаны, foxes, hares, raccoon dogs, beavers, otters, as well as grouse, gray partridges, teals, ducks, woodcocks, snipes and suchlike.

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Recently all the areas of Sukholuche, including VIP residences, have become available for ordinary tourists.

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Starting from the town of Dymer, a first-class asphalt road leads to the reserve, The final point of this road is right nearby the object “Acacia”. Also this type of asphalt is covering some of forest glades (!) , at the same time all the cut-throughs of quarters in the reserve are covered with gravel.

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Cycling trips through the forest are almost impossible because of windfall , although they are possible with a fat-bike:

There are many feeders for moose and deer in the forest. You are likely to come across animals even on the road.

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At the territory of hunting estate “Ya” there is a two-storied Honka behind the high green fence, also there is a church, a pond with arbors and seats for fishing, a pier for motor boats and steamers, arbors for barbecue and a helipad with an aviary for wild boars.

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Hunting estate “P”, is situated nearby, it looks more frugal and consists of 4 cottages, built in a different style, and a summer kitchen-barbecue. Internal stuff of the cottages, including windows, doors and electrical sockets, is missing.

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Between estates named Ya and P there is an aviary for deer.

The object “Acacia” – is perhaps, the only one, that is completely preserved inside. This is a small two-storied Honka, a marina with an arbor on the shore and a covered summer arbor for barbecue .

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Inside the Honka there are bedrooms with bathrooms and a large hall with a table for 15 people. On the floor you can see skins of wolfs, wild boars, deer. The interior is decorated with stuffed animals and pictures representing scenes of hunting.

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Near the object “Acacia” there is a 75-meter observation tower, which offers a wonderful view of the reserve and the Kiev Sea.

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From this height one even can view the object “Duga” in Chernobyl:

Near the tower and object “Acacia” there is a bay with a white sandy beach, probably the beach is washed in.
You can make a loop along the old asphalt road around the reserve, this loop runs more than 40 km. In the reserve area there are such villages as: Bogdany, Rytny, Rikhta, Avdeeva Niva. In the villages there are many abandoned wooden houses built in Polissya style.
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From the east the reserve is washed by the Kiev Sea, in places there is a very pleasant approach to water:
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Main objects are shown on the map:

Карта 1


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