• The phenomenon of "bicyclesation"is strongly increasing in modern society. Now no one can call it just an interest or a fashion. We are convinced, convinced that it is more than a worldwide hobby or even a passion , this is – a trend. That is why we have made up a new word, to denote this tendency :
  • Velokratia – is a tendency for cyclists to become a dominant part of the society )))

  • Velokrat - is a person, characterized by 3 distinctive features:
    1) masters the craft of cycling,
    2) possesses a bike or possessed it before,
    3) accepts and does not resist the tendency of velokratisation in society—————————————————————————————-


  • We have taken efforts to collect here information, that will be useful and interesting for you. Here you can find:

Bike rental in Kyivat one ofthe rental stations you can hire a bicycle 1 for a period from 1 hour to a week or more.
Bike repair and maintenance -at rental stations this service is available for those , who have their own bicycles.
Bike delivery -you can order bringing it home or to the place of cycling.
Bike School -for those, who can`t ride or forgot how to.
Roof carrier system rental -car owners can hire roof bars.
Roof box, roof rack rental for the transportation of bikes, skis, snowboards on the roof of your car - you can also hire this equipment you can also hire this equipment
News and articles -allow you to keep track of the latest cycling events in Kyiv, in Ukraine and in the world.



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