Blue Lakes or “The beach route”

Enjoying bike trips in the summertime, one often want to ride along a refreshing forest path, to relax near a pond and especially to have a swim. If you had already visited all the crowded beaches of Kiev and decided to find a new place to rest, we suggest you to take a ride along the route, which lies along several water bodies and beaches the route ends at Blue Lake, this wonder of nature is known for its crystal clear water, warm soft sand and developed beach infrastructure.

Start.The route starts from Stolichnoe Shosse street, at the head of Staroobuhovskaya highway after the interchange with the ring road. It is convenient to get here from the left bank along Stolichnoe Shosse street, by moving across Uzhnuy ("Southern") Bridge , if you are riding from Poznyaky bike rental location or using Paton bridge, if you are going from Levoberezhnaya bike rental location. It is also convenient to get to the point of start along . Academician Zabolotny Street from Feofaniya, Pirogovo, VDNKh or VDNKh-2 bike rental locations.

Point 1. Having turned to Zhukov Island, we observe an unusual concrete shaft on the right side of the road, it is located in the middle of the pond. observe an unusual concrete shaft on the right side of the road; it is located in the middle of the pond. This is one of the entrances to the so-called "Stalin Subway". During the Second World War the purpose of this railway tunnel was to connect the banks of the Dnieper, but unfortunately it was not completed on time. Сохранилось 4 4 fragments of these tunnels are preserved and the largest and most mysterious one is located right here, on Zhukov Island.Armored trains and mined objects hidden in the tunnel are still the subject of legends.

Сталинское метро Сталинское метро 1_6 Сталинское метро

Point 2. Moving further along the asphalt road, we appear to be on a narrow neck of land between two ponds. We can see the Gulf of the Dnieper sparkling with calm water and golden sand on the right side.

Залив Днепра Залив Днепра

On the left side we can admire the wide Dnieper with small waves and various boats and yachts, cutting through water smooth surface.

Днепр Днепр

If you ride further, then, after passing by the moto-quad safari track on the right sid, you will run into a huge sandbox, the so-called "sand warehouse". The territory is fenced, but along the Dnieper it can be easily accessed.

Склад песка Песок

After swimming and resting for a little while, we come back and move along Staroobuhovskaya highway towards Koncha-Zaspa area.

Point 3. Before the very settlement we take the right turn to the direction of the forest and, by going round it behind the garages, we find a turn to the right to the forest itself. Making our way along a narrow path with bridges across small streams, we find ourselves near the lake Vedro. It is highly undesirable to stop here, as local mosquitoes will just make your life a hell.

тропа к озеру тропа к озеру

тропа к озеру тропа к озеру


Judging by the fresh tracks, people often ride their bikes here.

The lake is located far enough from people's estates, no minibuses take this route and it is hard to reach this place by car, that's why there are very few people here. And the place itself is wonderful. It is surrounded by a primeval forest full of local inhabitants that reveal themselves by rustling. Water in the lake may be not crystal transparent, but it is guaranteed to be clean. There is almost no garbage around.

Озеро Ведоро Озеро Ведоро Озеро Ведоро Озеро Ведоро

After swimming and walking around the lake, we return back to the asphalt road and take turn to the right. One of the most pleasant parts of the trip begins here - a perfectly flat path, no cars and a fragrant pine forest on the sides.

Голубые озера Голубые озера Голубые озера Голубые озера Голубые озера

Point 4. At the first fork you we able to turn left to the monument to the fallen soldiers and the chapel of the Holy Archangel Michael.

мемориал мемориал

And before the turn, but on the right side there is a pillbox No. 107.

-319  3_5

We go further to the village of Mrigi. As in any other settlement on the outskirts of Kiev, you can find here either luxurious mansions, or houses of ordinary rural inhabitants.

Мриги Мриги

Further we go to Podgortsy railway station. Do not forget to have a look at the train schedule, as Blue Lakes are very close, and on the way back you can go by train, and get some rest from moving the pedals.

Подгорцы Подгорцы

Point 4. While riding, we can turn to a very interesting house-fortress. The house seems to be from another country and from a different epoch. There are Templar motto in Latin above the entrance gate, and Gothic bas-reliefs on a side wall of the stone mansion. It is stated in Wikimapia, that there lives a man with a loud name Satanovsky (“Devilish”).

Дом Сатановского Дом Сатановского Дом Сатановского Дом Сатановского

Point 5. Having ridden a little along Novoobukhov highway, we approach the final point of our beach trip - Blue Lake. The water here is really so clear, that the bottom can be seen a few meters away.

Голубое озеро Голубое озеро Голубое озеро Голубое озеро Голубое озеро

Most of the coast is occupied by paid beaches with all amenities, but there is also a place, to lie on the warm sand for free, to play volleyball and swim to your heart’s content.

We suggest you to go back using one of three routes: the same way, as you came here; by train from. Podgortsy railway station; on a bicycle along Novoobukhov highway.


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