Roof carrier system rental

Many people prefer to go on holiday using their car. It is a comfortable and practical way to travel. However, sometimes there is not enough room , to place all the necessary belongings for a long trip. For this purpose, there is such a service as roof carrier system rental. It is not necessary to buy expensive roof bars for your car, if you plan just one trip. There are less expensive options. You are able to hire such equipment at roof carrier system rental station. These roof bars should be accurately chosen according to the type of the car, after selecting, roof carrier system is firmly fixed on the top of the car. Thus, you can find place for all the belongings that are needed for your rest.

Roof carrier system rental is quite an affordable service. So you can put a bike, snowboard, skis, surfboard and many other things on the roof of your car. If you do not have your own bike, then you can contact bike rental in Kiev. It is a comfortable transport for trips, with it, rest will give you great pleasure. The service of roof carrier system rental is provided for a certain period, which can be agreed upon. It is possible to hire roof bars for the whole period of your vacation. Such services are provided by roof carrier system rental Kiev.


Прокат багажника на крышу в КиевеAt Levoberezhnaya rental location you can hire :


Car roof boxes  - 60 -120 UAHper day

Roof carrier systems — 40-60 UAHper day

Ski racks and board racks (snowboard, surfboard racks) for cars — 40-60 UAHper day

Prices vary depending on the size of a box/rack, the modification of a roof carrier system and on the number of rental days.

Rental terms and conditions : cash deposit or identity document (international passport or passport)


Please, contact us in advance as for the availability of required roof carrier system!

tel: 38 099 047 79 24

Levoberezhnaya underground station. 25A Marina Raskova St.


If you want to buy/hire skis or snowboards, there are locations :

underground station. Lesnaya (Lisova) (near Darynok market-mall) underground station. Olympiyskaya, St. . Yamskaya St 1,   -


underground station. LevoberezhnayaRaisa. Okipnaya St 9,